Glenn Riley is a newcomer to the writing scene despite writing as a hobby for 25 years. He has a fascination with all things paranormal and is a deep thinker on the subject that is the ‘nature of reality.’ He is a dedicated fan of Richard Bach, Dan Milman and David Icke. His debut novel Illusions? Maybe is the main inspiration for this website as he feels the subject matter in the book offers much scope for discussion and analysis. Glenn has also published works on Wattpadd under the pen name David Bachmann. His debut book Illusions? Maybe is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback. This was the story that took him five years to write . His greatest challenge was trying to put together a book that contained all the metaphysical facts and theories he had researched while trying to make a story that was interesting and not boring. He admits, the nature of reality is a tough subject to handle but he was proud of the end result.