The Golden Age

Was there a time during our Earths long history where the planet was a paradise, a real Garden Of Edan?

In many cultures, in many scriptures they spoke of a paradise on Earth, a time long before recorded history where everything was perfect, where all living things lived in harmony with nature, with each other. There were no seasons, no wars, conflicts. Everything was beautiful, peaceful, tranquil and as it should be. Humans were advanced, their intelligence great and they possessed powers that enabled them to communicate with other creatures, beings and each other. They could interact with other densities, meaning they could travel to other dimensions of reality, change their appearance, travel great distances with a single thought. If there was any kind of technology humans possessed back then, it was very advanced, light years beyond the kind of technology we use.

One of the greatest examples of a golden age is the writings of the great continent of Atlantis. Atlantis, as you know, was a great continent that sank beneath the sea after a series of cataclysms racked the Earth. It was said that it was a thriving city with technology that was light years

It all sounds too good to be true.

Nearly all cultures talk of a time when everything was perfect and that all living things including us humans possessed the kind of powers that today would be deemed as supernatural, superhuman. History is riddled with examples of people who demonstrate remarkable feats of human abilities, from telepathic powers, levitation and even physical abilities that would be akin to super powers. 

But are these examples of powers we once possessed in this Golden Age?

Powers that have lain dormant in us for years?

Powers and knowledge that we have forgotten?

But if everything was so perfect in this Golden Age, the very peak of what we would consider human civilization, what went wrong?

In nearly all cultures, as mentioned in the scriptures, there was talk of a great flood that washed over the world, wiping everything out in its path. In many ancient texts, they spoke of lightning covering the sky, great earthquakes and other cataclysms that rocked the Earth. I mentioned this in my book, Illusions? Maybe, and a great theory that I mentioned was of our planet colliding with another, Mars.

Now it is said that electricity is abundant in the universe. The great Serbian inventor and scientist, Nikoli Tesla, discovered this in his many experiments with electricity. He also discovered that our planet discharges electricity as much as recieves it. There are lines that run through the Earth where this current of energy flows called Ley Lines. The ancient structure of Stonehenge stands on Ley Lines hence is why there had been occasions when tourists have received something of a shock touching the ancient stones. I should mention that the human body also has its own lines where energy flows, called Meridian Lines and the ancient practice of Acupuncture is built round this fact, the idea being to stick needles in vital parts of the body to remove any blockages and allow the energy to flow.

So, if two planets ever got too close to one another, you get a kind of electrical discharge which explains the lightning from the sky and the cataclysms that rocked the Earth. If everything was destroyed by this one event then humankind would have been thrown back into the stone age and the climb back to this Golden utopia is still ongoing. It is believed in many cultures that the Golden Age of humankind will come back. But for such an age to return, there would have to be great changes happening that would forever change the way we think and our ways.

Would things have to get worse before they get better?

Would there be some transition that would have to take place, prophecies as mentioned in the scriptures and other works that fortell of the end of days?

I will cover that particular topic in another article. But we can only wait and see. I do know that humankind will face many challenges and changes that will occur in the not-so-distant-future. That we, as a human race, could well be pushed to the presipice of change. You only have to look at the state of our world and what is going on with conflicts raging between nations, the rise of terrorism and economic uncertainty. There will most likely come a tipping point and maybe the saying is true, that things need to get worse before they get better.

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