Interesting title isn’t it?

Superhuman, what does this mean to you? Are you thinking of superman, the man that could fly faster than a speeding bullet, that is invincible and could melt ice with his eyes, or are you thinking of Einstein the super genius, the man that made so many discoveries, and that used his mind as it should be used?

Actually, I’m not thinking about Einstein in particularly, but I am thinking of the idea of a superhuman race. Do you know that humans haven’t evolved in the last 5000 years considering the way that they think?

The question as I see it: can we change the way we think, the way we learn, the way we react to life in one word, can we become Superhuman in our lifetime or not? 

There is a lot of material out there that promises some of the brain powers that we should all long for. Have you heard of “Speed reading”? 

Basically you can read 2– 5 times as fast as you read now, and understand more. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Is it true?

 I researched and found out that it is. There are humans, no different from you or me that possess this skill. They can read fast and understand what they read, for them this is as regular as tying a shoe.

Does this impress you, well let me tell you about another thing: “Photo reading”. What is this you might ask? Well, some of us have the ability to photo read, that means they look at a page and read it all in once with 90– 100% comprehension. Can they be called super humans? Can you imagine how much you can learn and know possessing a skill like that? But the question comes once again: “Is this for real”? I can tell you that there are people who can do this, and the skill is as natural to them as tying a shoelace.

I think that the human brain has far more potential than we know, that there are untapped powers that have not been harnessed and most likely never will. The problem is that people are content with their lives if they have something to eat and somewhere to sleep. They become far too comfortable with their luxuries and with all the mass media entertainment they could handle in a lifetime. Nobody would care less as long as they got their TVs to watch, their supermarkets and shopping malls to spend their money and jobs to go to. Besides, many believe the idea of a superhuman or metahuman as they are called in the DC Universe is nothing but a myth. That people with superpowers are confined to comic books and myths and legends like the Hercules or Thors of mythology. Those who demonstrate abilities that are deemed supernatural are looked upon as magicians that use misdirection and sleight of hand and other psychological tricks to fool us.

My point is, as the whole point of this website is, that if reality is an illusion, a holographic construct, a computer program and if we can hack the program, manipulate the illusion, then the abilities I mentioned like speed reading, photo reading, even the superpowers that Superman demonstrates would only be scratching the surface compared with what we can do if we could manipulate our own realities and bend them to our will.

It would be interesting to think if Bhudda, even Jesus knew this one truth, that everything we see is not real and could be controlled, that it would explain how they could do what they did (walk on water, turn water into wine, make things appear from the Earth, etc) as mentioned in the works and writings about these individuals.

Food for thought.